Shawn has been an artist his entire life, only the medium has changed.  He spent his early years trying to follow in his mother's footsteps, mimicking her passion for nature photography. Shawn learned quilting and weaving from his grandmother and began designing and hooking rugs that He sold for spending money when He was in junior high school.  

In college Shawn immersed himself in theatrical studies and found his comfort zone in the dance department as a choreographer.  There was a brief career for him as a choreographer after college, then He opened his own art studio centered around his then current passion for ceramics and pottery.  

Years later, Shawn began a career as a floral designer which eventually brought him to Los Angeles where He co-owned House of Petals in West Hollywood for a brief period.  Following his eternal need to create, He invested in some acrylic paint and started expressing himself on canvas.  Shawn experienced some success in sales and soon after by a stroke of luck, his art was featured in the Showtime Series "Huff" season 2 episode 3 titled "Whipped Doggie" in which he also made a brief appearance as an uncredited street artist.  For several years now, Shawn has been painting exclusively in oils and continues to learn and develop his craft. 

Currently living in West Hollywood, Shawn is focusing on portrait work and his hobby of painting uplifting phrases and art on small rocks and leaving them around the neighborhood to brighten a stranger's day. 

Shawn is eternally attracted to bright primary colors and his work continues to reflect that.  His belief is that our society's constant scrolling through social-media squares and panel feeds are training our brains to view the world through selfies and "instagram-able moments". Shawn's current work is heavily influenced by this thought process.   

"I believe art should grab your attention visually and make you happy." ~Shawn Christopher Mooney