Allegra Newman is a mixed media artist born in Australia and raised in Virginia. Growing up with parents who had traveled all over the world, she was encouraged to embrace the wonders of global diversity from a young age, despite the limited opportunity to experience them firsthand in the town where her family lived. Her desire to live in a city rich with culture while pursuing her creative aspirations motivated her to move to Los Angeles in 2003. 


As a teenager, she loved rifling through old National Geographic and New Yorker magazines and tearing out their full-page pictures, which she collected in a folder. Over a decade ago, she uncovered her old collection during a move and began experimenting with the stockpile of images in collage art. Her art is rooted in an intrigue of the individual components which make up the whole of what we broadly see and appreciate in a photo, landscape, or everyday life. Drawing from this curiosity, she deconstructs the images and recombines them in a process which emphasizes and reflects on their movements, textures, colors, and expressions. In this way, she uses their elements to express her views of life and the evolution of our modern world.