Carla Barrata



Born in 1990, Carla is a Painter, Actress and Architect from Venezuela. ART has been always her passion. She has been painting since she was 5 years old. She has been autodidact most of her life. Also, she worked one on one with amazing painters and has been part of arts shows in Venezuela, Miami, Dubai, Malesia, Los Angeles and Barcelona. Her impressionist art has been improving with the years, showing a deeper sense of consciousness in her work, adding new technics in every show.

Her new work is the result of the unification between the OUTSIDE (consciousness) and the INSIDE (supraconsciousness).

THE OUTSIDE - Oil with Knife on Paperboard

A colorful expressionism. The consciousness of the form seeks his freedom in these images, where color and use of disinterested strokes crates independence between the viewer and the connection with the matter, losing al linear boundaries and playing with this psychological aspect of the deformation of an image supposedly clear.

THE INSIDEInk on Paperboard

The supraconsciousness is reflected in this work, evoking the envy of the brush through the simplicity and humility of images full with abstraction spaces, in the way to be some real form, playing with the conscious of the viewer and connecting with what they want to see in these monochromatic images… the reflect of their souls.

BOTH SIDESOil with Knife and Ink on Paperboard

Both sides in the Contrast between the supraconsciousness and what we believe is consciously real. It is a form to activate both sides of the brain (left and right), giving us some space to use the logical mind and some space to get into our feelings and let our intuition flow.