Tacos desayunos (breakfast Tacos)

All tacos are are $2.50 (plus tax) and served with fresh scrambled eggs on handmade corn tortillas. Nana's salsa is pretty much a family secret, but for allergy purposes we'll tell you that it does have garlic. 

Breakfast is served at our DTLA and Burbank location daily 9am-11am and our Echo Park & Boyle Heights locations Saturdays and Sundays 9am-11am. Breakfast items are subject to availability; we go until we run out!


Chuleta con Chile Verde
Pork Chop in a Chile Verde topped with crema, diced tomatoes, onions and jalapeno, on top of scrambled eggs. 

Weenie con Huevo
Weenie and eggs served with Nana's salsa potatoes and queso amarillo.

Tocino con Papas (bacon)
Bacon and eggs served with fresh potatoes, Nanas salsa and queso amarillo. 

Potato and eggs served with Nana's salsa and queso amarillo.

Diced tomato, jalapeno and jalapeno scrambled with eggs and topped with Nana's salsa and queso amarillo.

Chorizo con Papas
Mexican Pork Chorizo on top of scrambled eggs, served with potatoes, pork n' beans, nana's salsa and queso amarillo.