Antonio D Gonzalez

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"My love for photography grew in his junior year of high school. Learning about photographers like Mary Ellen Mark and Diane Arbus led him to grow passion for this type of art. Capturing special moments with a camera seemed like an amazing art form to me.

Born in a city full of diverse, ethnic cultures, Los Angeles has been the city where I create most of my work. From portraits that tell a story to landscapes that show history, I capture a little bit of everything, emphasizing more on street photography.As I looked more into this art, the two artists who eventually became my greatest influences are American street photographer Vivian Maier and Mexican cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa. Their unique sense of lighting and contrast caught my attention, as their style is fairly different from other photographers.

My work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times Framework, ABC7 News, NBC4 News, and has been appreciated by many people, including CNN journalist Lisa Ling, Chef Gordon Ramsay, actresses Salma Hayek, Octavia Spencer, Kate Del Castillo, musical band La Santa Cecilia, among others."

Antonio D. Gonzalez