Carlos Nieto III is a mostly self taught artist of Colombian roots born and raised in Los Angeles. Growing up in the primarily Latino area of Silverlake /Echo Park, he was exposed to a large slice of world cultures which would later help to shape his artistic voice. After high school, he landed a job on the Emmy-winning show “The Simpsons” as a Layout Artist. He’s also worked as a Visual Consultant for Disney resorts and Universal television. He is currently an Artist in Residence at Children’s hospital Los Angeles, providing sick kids with an artistic escape from the anxiety and stress they face on a regular basis. Living in Los Angeles as a Latino, Carlos Nieto III has experienced various traditional cultures as well as the modern culture of his generation, incorporating both in his art. The mixture of opposing ideas and the contrasting of cultural icons combined with issues of American popular culture help to create his unique artistic voice. It is his belief that without borders to segregate, cultures and their influences can be mixed freely creating a global culture.